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With Winning in Mind on Audio - CD ROM
By Lanny Bassham

This book is an excellent introduction to the Mental Management System. Learn the secrets that Olympians use to control the mind under the pressure of competition. Four audio CDs read by the author. Includes a Bonus CD with over 50 minutes of new material and commentary not included in the printed version of the book.

Mental Management for Shooting Sports Audio Program - 6 CD set
By Lanny Bassham

These are the famous "Bassham Tapes" that have taught shooters all over the world the mental game for over 25 years. Learn what winners are thinking from an Olympic Champion that has been studying Olympic Champions. Over 7 hours of mental secrets are presented. All of the applications are made to the shooting disciplines of shotgun, rifle, pistol and archery. Available on 6 CDs.

Mental Management Video Seminar - 4 DVD set

By Lanny Bassham

This 4 DVD video series is an advanced class in Mental Management presented by Lanny Bassham. You will feel like you are in a live seminar as Lanny takes you through these topics.

V1 Winning the Mental Game - Learn why 90% of all winning is accomplished by 5% of the performers. Understand the three mental processes that control a winning performance. Master the secrets used by Olympic Champions to win the mental game in business and sport. 60 min.

V2 Performing Under Pressure - When you are under pressure to perform well are YOU in control? Learn why most of our beliefs about pressure are myths. Become skilled at pressure control strategies used by Olympic Champions. Master Mental Rehearsal, Running a Mental Program and Performance Analysis to gain an edge in business and sport. 67 min.

V3 GoalGetting - Setting Goals is not enough. Getting them requires mental discipline. Learn why Goal Getting is the most important skill you will ever need. Learn why most of our beliefs about goal setting are ineffective. Become skilled at the same GoalGetting system used by Olympic Champions. Master the 10 Rules of Attainment and the Becoming Process. 66 min.

V4 Mastering Self Image - Change your Self Image and you change your future. Learn why your Self Image and your performance are always equal. Learn how to change any attitude or habit in just 21 days. Master Self Image imprinting and reinforcement techniques. 62 min.

Mastering the Mental Game for Youth and Coaches
 2-DVD set
By Lanny Bassham

The time to begin to master the mental game starts in High School and is developed in the Collegiate performer. Finally there is a program that aids both the athlete and the coach in the mental game.

V5 Mental Management for Young Performers
This hour long DVD is essential for Collegiate, Varsity and Junior-Varsity players. It is also great for any teen through college age performer in any sport or stage performance such as pageants or music. The Mental Management System is introduced with examples centered on this age group. The information is essentially the same as Lanny has presented to Olympic teams around the world. It is packed with techniques Olympians use to master the mental game under pressure.

V6 Mental Management for Parents and Coaches
For the coaches and parents of junior varsity, varsity and collegiate performers. This DVD helps to correct many mistakes loving parents and dedicated coaches make when working with their performers. Having coached elite youth at the Olympic level for more than 20 years, these are the things I wish every coach and parent knew about the mental development of their young performers. This is a great companion DVD to V5 - Mental Management for Young Performers. Parents should watch that DVD with their young performers and then review V6.

Mastering 3-Position Air Rifle - CD ROM
By Lanny Bassham

This CD-ROM will turn your PC into a teaching machine for learning how to shoot 3-P air from one of the world's best air gun shooters. Troy Bassham is a 12-Time National Champion in position shooting, World Military Champion and a Bronze Medalist in the 2002 World Championships in Air Rifle. See the prone, standing and kneeling positions demonstrated with comments from Olympic Coach and Olympic Champion Lanny Bassham.

This product runs on Windows PCs only. Our aim is to get it for the MAC user soon.

Winning in the Wind - CD-ROM
By Lones Wigger and Lanny Bassham

Gun Week's Phil Johnston wrote in the Dec 10, 2001 issue: "Anyone who has ever fired a shot outdoors realizes, sooner or later, that doping the wind tends quickly to separate the winners form the "also-rans." From benchrest competition to long range prarie dog blasting, understanding the way the wind affects the shooter, the target and the bullet is vital if one wishes to hit the target.

Learning how to shoot in the wind just got a lot easier. Lones Wigger Jr. and Lanny Bassham have just released a new CD-ROM, "Winning in the Wind", that covers shooting in the wind from A to Z. There just couldn't be two finer instructors..."

"...The CD-Rom is professionally done, with informative, clear, attractive graphics. Anyone who shoots anything outdoors will benefit from this CD-ROM. It's not often that one can pick the brains of two World Champions like Bassham and Wigger. Carrying a suggested retail price of $35, we'd call this a bargin, in the wind."

"Lones Wigger is by far the greatest shooter in history. He is not known for penning his name to many products. In fact, this CD-ROM is the only known product to bear his name. Lanny Bassham is the author of numerous products and lends his computer expertise and wind shooting knowledge to this unique product."

What Every Rifle Shooter Should Know First About the Mental Game - CD-ROM
By Troy Bassham

Is the mental game important to your success in rifle shooting? The top shooters think so. Most believe that controlling the mind is as important as controlling the rifle. Get a jump on your competitors by starting to master the mental game early in your career as a shooter. Most shooters wait years to begin learning the information on this CD. By then they have developed habits that cost them points and are hard to eliminate. This new CD program is designed to be the first stop on your journey to "Master the Mental Game for Shooting". Whether you are a veteran shooter that is just now getting to the mental part of the sport or a new shooter this information is vital to your success.

Learn why you should begin mastering mental skills WHEN you begin rifle skills. Learn the top three mental mistakes shooters make and how to avoid making them. Everyone says that shooters should always think positively. This CD explains why this is so important to your success.

Instructors find that this CD makes the learning of technical skill easier and faster by helping to eliminate much of the mental error common to shooters. This new 60-minute audio CD is a great companion to Lanny’s book With Winning in Mind.

Performance Coaching for Coaches, Teachers, Managers and Parents - 4 CD ROM set
By Lanny Bassham

Performance Coaching is a program for parents, coaches, managers and teachers and also for self-coached performers. Topics include the definition of a Mentor and the Mentor Effect, Behavioral Styles and how they affect coaching, Coaching Styles, the Four Phases of Learning, The Four Coaching Processes, Power of Self Direction and External Influence, Readiness Factors, 20 Guidelines for working with individuals and teams and the Performance Coaching Session. This program is a completely new product and replaces the Mentorship audio program we previously offered. It contains updated information not offered in Mentorship.

If you are a self-coached performer it is possible that you are committing "mental terrorism" on yourself. This seminar is for you. Originally this program was designed for coaches. Heaven knows there is little information out there to train coaches. I conducted a survey of the most successful methods of mentoring to winning athletes by Olympic coaches. This program reveals the results of that survey as it relates to the mental game and the process of winning. The program contains 4 CDs.

Freedom Flight the Origins of Mental Power - CD-ROM
By Lanny Bassham

Two people have a conversation on a long plane trip from New York to Cairo Egypt. One is an Olympic Silver Medalist; the other is someone that will offer a truly unforgettable story that will take you, along with the medalist, to a new understanding of the origins of mental power.

Lanny's new book, inspired by true events and real people, is an unforgettable story of survival and attainment, of becoming and accomplishment, as one man's experiences empower another man's future. You will learn 14 principles of attainment in this 70 minute program.

This audio CD has two discs and is read by the author. If you liked WITH WINNING IN MIND you will enjoy FREEDOM FLIGHT


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