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Varga Shooting Glasses

Designed by former Olympic gold medalist Miroslav Varga, these Czech made glasses represent the very best value in a fully adjustable shooting frame. They are extremely durable and incorporate many unique design features. The new blinder accommodate the new ISSF rules.


Varga 2000 Pistol and Rifle Glasses

New pistol glassesPistol: With 37mm lens holder, opaque eye-cover and carrying case. Lens placement is fully adjustable in every direction to make the most of your corrective optics no matter what your head position. Specify left or right eyed shooter.

Rifle: 23mm lens holder, opaque eye-cover and carrying case. Similar design and adjustments to the pistol frame. Curved nose piece also available.



Varga 3000 Pistol and Rifle Glasses

The latest model of frames. Constructed with aluminum fittings for extra strength and lighter weight. Matt silver finish. Comes with the ISSF flip-up blinder,
adjustable lens holder, and adjustable nose bridge.

Available in 23mm and 37mm size for rifle or pistol shooters.



Lens Holders
22mm and 37mm lens holders

 Available for both rifle and pistol sized lenses.






Varga Lens Holder Attachment

 Aluminum attachment for fitting your lens holder to your Varga 2000/3000 frames.





Side Shields

Varga side shields are ISSF compliant and will fit all Varga frames.



Also available for both pistol and rifle, a fully adjustable and lockable iris which fits in front of the lens holder. This is particularly good for shooters who have difficulty in maintaining a good sight/target picture (smaller peep hole enhances depth of field) and especially recommended for small target events such as silhouette.

Available in pistol and rifle sizes (pistol size shown).


We offer some of the most advanced lenses available, pre-cut for the Varga frames. All lenses are available in straight, +.25, +.50 and +.75 diopter. For more information on what might work best for you, see our Hitchhikers Guide to Shooting Glasses

Clear Lenses

Anti-Reflective Coating - makes the best lens even better! A standard acrylic lens will allow 80% of light transmission. AR coating lets an amazing 98% past, giving you the clearest and brightest sight picture. The AR coating is available on the clear lenses only.

Without AR

With AR

Typical view through a normal lens.

AR coating dramatically reduces glare.

Without AR

With AR

Reflection is obvious in regular lenses.

With AR they let the light through.

Colored Lenses

Color lenses

We offer four colors in acrylic lenses, again in all powers listed above.

Yellow - enhances low light conditions.

Red - gives greater contrast between black sights and target.

Vermilion - also gives a good contrast, for brighter light conditions.

Gray - reduces glare from the target on bright days.


Clear lens: with AR coating, in straight, +.25, +.50 or +.75 diopter.

Colored Lens: in straight, +.25, +.50, or +.75 diopter in yellow, red, purple or gray (rifle lenses by special order)

Extra Lens Holder for convenience and quick-change of lenses 

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