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As part of the training and enjoyment of competitive shooting, shooters should enter competitive events. These events can be local club matches, PTOs, regional events, or the large national shooting events such as Fort Benning and Camp Perry.

However, for many shooters, there are logistical drawbacks to attending these in-person competitions. Drawbacks that cannot always be side stepped. Expense, work time, and travel are among the top difficulties encountered. Further, not all shooters are involved in heavy-duty competition - but, do enjoy seeing their scores posted once in a while.

This brings about the postal match. For our purposes, a postal match is a competitive shooting match operated under the same
ISSF Rules as any other match, except match attendance is not required. The match can be shot at a home or club range without a lot of expense or travel.

Postal matches afford a means of real competition, formal shooting by the rules, and a method to track you shooting progress. They are all integrity based - meaning they are examples of the essence of good sportsmanship, honesty, and integrity. However, don't think postal matches are wimpy or not well attended. Just check the results from some of the past matches and you are sure to see many names you recognize. Postal matches are a very real means of competition.

Below is a link to the most successful multi-discipline matches (air rifle and air pistol)
                TargetShooting Canada - well attended monthly matches (all year)

For those wishing to build a home airgun range of their own, check this link out: Building your own range. Having your own range at home is a great asset to training and shooting enjoyment. It is convenient, requiring no travel time, can be used anytime 24/7, and is inexpensive to have.

A home range can vary from a pellet trap on a bookshelf or at the end of a hallway, to a complete range with special lighting and a target changer.

Did I mention the creature comforts of home heating and air conditioning? Ah, life is good!


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