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On this page are photos of Scott Pilkington's engraving. For loading sake, we have created thumbnail images and descriptions with links to the full sized photo. Just follow any link to the photo of your choice.

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et01.jpg - 3108 Bytes A fine set of gentleman's pocket knives with tortoiseshell inlays and diamond thumb stud.
et02.jpg - 1672 Bytes Custom banjo by Jim Grainger, engraved by yours truly.
et03.jpg - 2960 Bytes Top view of the banjo.
et04.jpg - 1880 Bytes Scott Sawbey knife with Pearl Harbor theme.
et05.jpg - 2080 Bytes I reproduced a Parker Invincible pattern on a shotgun for a guy. He liked it so much he had it done to a couple of his handguns.
et06.jpg - 1665 Bytes Scott Sawbey folder with trout fishing scenes.
et07.jpg - 1874 Bytes The engraving on the bolster of this pocket knife is approximately the size of a postage stamp.
et08.jpg - 2261 Bytes Martin Edmonson and Scott at the shop of Senor Jose Draga, one of the world’s greatest silversmiths.
et09.jpg - 1658 Bytes A little project I did for … you guessed it, a Disney fan!
et10.jpg - 2618 Bytes This knife was done for Chuck Yeager commemorating his sound breaking ways. The bolster material is meteorite.
et11.jpg - 1424 Bytes A fantasy engraving piece. The inlay material is dinosaur bone.
et12.jpg - 3559 Bytes My first magazine cover September 1985.
et13.jpg - 2207 Bytes An old Remington shotgun I did for a former US Team member.
et14.jpg - 1212 Bytes Family portraits done to order. This one on a Dakota bolt action rifle floor plate.
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