Photos - Customers' Gallery

On this page are photos sent to us by our customers. For loading sake, we have created thumbnail images and descriptions with links to the full sized photo. Just follow any link to the photo of your choice.

danielle1t.jpg - 2051 Bytes Danielle Katheleen Makucevich, 4, "shooting" her 1/2 size Anschutz Achiever. Rifle made by Daddy, Daniel Makucevich.
danielle2t.jpg - 2242 BytesThese photos were taken at Camp Perry. Though only 4, this was Danielle's 5th Perry. She attended her first in '97 as a 10-week-old.
RichieRichard Jameson of Brisbane, Australia, with a special message to a certain ex-Kiwi now residing in Tennessee.
mako3t.jpg - 2065 BytesMako's Home Pellet Testing Range
TN032.jpg Some people love their airgun so much they even name their dog Steyr.

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