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  RIKA target range equipment has innovative technology, proven internationally in training and competition.
RIKA Schiessport is the brand name for competence, perfection and innovation.

The LP5 Falling Target System
To comply with new ISSF rules for the Rapid Fire falling plate match.

  Excitement, fun and competitive flair until the last target has fallen.
Variety in training and competition with the RIKA falling target system.

LP5 Falling Target System

  * The system displays every hit immediately, providing fun and excitement for both shooters and audience.
  * 60mm target hole as standard, easily changed to 40 or 35mm with inserts - 30mm inserts for the new ISSF match available shortly.
  * No power supply required.

The white hit-indicator flaps make successful hits immediately visible to the shooter and spectators. These laser-cut flaps are identical in size and weight, giving consistent tipping behaviour. Impact surfaces are protected from lead deposition and deformation by a layer of non-wearing black plastic. A 12 meter long traction cable enables all flaps to be instantly reset, thereby the system requires no power supply (courtesy Manual Armstrong).
Target system housing is easily fixed in place with four screws. Each target has a pellet protection plate, giving the impression of shooting at normal targets while also protecting the frame from paint chipping. This makes thie unit particularly low maintenance. A bullet trap is also built into the system.
The 60mm target holes are made from case hardened steel to ensure they do not deform even after innumerable hits. Sets of five equally hardened inserts of 40mm or 35mm are available (30mm available soon).

  LP5 system from behind



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