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Upgrades for the Daisy Valiant XS40
CZ both The Daisy Valiant came in a number of variations during the time it was imported.   The first batches of guns came with a free-floating forend, that was easily broken from the single screw holding it just forward of the trigger guard.  This “flopping” forend was also a source of shot variation due to the ever changing sling tension applied by the shooter.  Pilkington Competition along with Ernest Shooting Products  has came up with all metal mount to add to these early forends, and make them function like the later guns who had a plastic barrel mount.
The Earnest mount we are using is made from aircraft grade aluminum and has a rubber absorber to prevent any metal to metal contact.  These mount kits  are available for purchase directly from ESP for a cost of $25 or they can be purchased as installed item on YOUR forends for $65.  You just remove your forend, send it to us,  we will cut, modify and install the barrel mount and send it back to re-install on your rifle. CZ trishot

We can rebuild everything in your rifle for $120 plus return shipping.

CZ fore For those who have the later guns with the plastic front sight mount that is always breaking, we have a solution for that too. Ernest Shooting Products are making an aluminum front sight mount that won’ strip or break the threads like the plastic ones.  These are easily replaced yourself and are $22 each.


CZ muzzlebrake

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From: Sue
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Sent: Wednesday, October 26, 2005 7:00 AM
Subject: Daisy Valiant

Hi, we have an earlier model of the Daisy Valiant in which the end of the stock is not attached to the barrel where the cylinder is placed.  This causes the barrel to slightly give under pressure.  Could you retro fit this model like the later ones that came out that has the barrel attached to the forearm of the stock. Please let me know ASAP.  Thanks.  Sue

From: pilkguns
To: Sue
Subject: Re: Daisy Valiant
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 14:33:47 -0500

Yes, we can do this, it cost $45 to retrofit it, if you will just send us your forearm, we will send it right back with the metal plate installed.  I hope to have a webpage about this modification up soon.

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To: info@pilkguns.com
Sent: Saturday, November 12, 2005
Subject: Re: Daisy Valiant

You sure were right about sending it right back.  Very quick turn around.  Thank you very much. I installed it on the rifle and it fit right on.  It's a pleasure to work with professional business people.  Thanks again.


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