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Build Your Own Home Range

Precision airgunning is becoming more and more popular with shooters as some startling little-known facts are becoming more and more apparent. Firstly, it's fun. It's also the best practice you can get - airguns are extremely accurate and give much more feedback to the shooter to help develop the skills required for great marksmanship. It's convenient, there's no need to drive any distance to get to your local range. And it's a year round activity - unlike most shooting sports it doesn't matter if there's snow piled up outside.

So - helpful folk that we are here at PCE, we have put together this page with everything you need to develop your own personal range - target traps, carriers systems, targets and pellets. If you have any further questions or need additional information about RIKA or other Target Shooting Equipment,
please contact us
: info@pilkguns.com

What You Need for a Home Range:
    1. At least 36 feet in distance.
    2. Somewhere to hang a target trap.
    3. Preferably peace and quiet.
    4. Last but certainly not least - a SAFE environment for your family and pets. Ideally a range should be in a
        garage or basement, not where there is likely to be unsuspecting traffic.

Remember the 10 meters starts just in front of your foot and ends at the target face. Target center should be as close to 55 inches in height as practical. It's nice to have a bench to rest your gun and gear on (between shots that is), and if you don't intend installing a target return system, it's nice to have a spotting scope on the line.

Homerange v1.0
This is a basic target trap that can be hung on the wall either as a semi-permanent fixture or taken down between training sessions. Thanks to the sprung backing plate, pellets will not leave the trap. Trap is designed to take the standard size Edelmann target, so if you are breaking in a new shooter be sure that the area immediately surrounding the trap is safe for wayward pellets.

Rifle Trap

Gehmann Rifle Target Trap, suits 10x10cm targets.

Gehmann Pistol Target Trap, suits 17x17cm targets.

Pistol Trap

Homerange v2.0
By using a manual target changer you can more closely simulate match conditions, as breaking a shooting cycle by walking forward to change targets is far from ideal. It also precludes the need for a spotting scope, as shot groupings can easily be checked by winding the target carrier back a few feet from the wall.

Gehmann Manual Target Changer - at firing line. Photo by John Wolfe.Target trap of Gehmann manual changer. Photo by John Wolfe.

Gehmann Manual Target Changer, including both rifle and pistol target carriers and backstop.

World Champion - Details


  RIKA World Champion RIKA TARGET SYSTEMS are designed for universal use, strongly built and assembled for precision shooting. This system can be used for air-rifle, air pistol or 10m crossbow. A fine die-cast aluminium housing, a powerful quiet running motor, a steel yoke support and detachable sound absorbing bullet trap are strongly built components of this flexible system. The support and traction cables can be removed within seconds and the special stop system assures the position of the target holder at the correct target position, with millimetre accuracy.

Quick and easy conversion. The world Champion system is used for air rifle , air pistol and with the conversion kits available as optional extras, the system can be used for three position air rifle and extended into a perfect 10m crossbow target range.
  Large round headed buttons provide maximum operating function for forward and backward movement. These buttons enable the shooters to stop and release the targets directly.
  This can be quickly and easily adjusted for the various disciplines, without utilising any other tools.
  The standard bullet trap is designed for safety, long-life and satisfaction. From shooters worldwide recognised as a robust construction.
  The World Champion system can be easily set up for crossbow competitions and can also provide a high quality for permanent solution.
  An adjustable intermediate panel, sold as a conversion accessory, are also designed specifically for three-position & air rifle shooting. This brings the target direct to the shooters, allowing an easy charge of target even when shooters are in prone or kneeling position.
  The revolutionary Pro Catch sound absorbing bullet trap is an optional accessory. Pro Catch misses nothing and on the other hand enables to catch the pellets and keeps the area and the floor below the targets free of lead. The drawer, integrated in the lead-catching tray has five times the capacity of the standard bullet trap which can be emptied in seconds.
    RIKA`s commitment and superior technology is guaranteed for top class performance in a world class, highly competitive environments. The RIKA World Champion has been recognised for many years at several international competitions and training centers-e.g. In München Hochbrück Olympic indoor shooting stadium.



RIKA World Champion Target Return System

For a PDF file showing how to set-up the system - Click Here



5-strip Pistol Centers

We stock Edelmann targets, which we believe to be the best available. Printed on the finest cross grain card it will punch clean clear holes, allowing easy scoring even with a loaded target.
As well as standard single bull targets we have a selection of strip targets to further reduce costs for home practice or club use. For full details of Edelmann targets see:
PDF file about Edelmann targets



The most most common question we are asked is, "Which is the best pellet for my gun?" This of course a difficult question to answer, but before we get too involved, let's put it into perspective.

As long as we're talking good quality match pellets (such as H&N, RWS, Vogel, etc) even the worst grouping pellet will still easily hold the x-ring on a pistol target. This means that even a high level competitor is not likely to ever benefit much from batch testing to find the ultimate grouping pellet in his pistol. Having said that however, it's a nice feeling to know that your gun/pellet combination shoots a tight one-hole group, and the effort of testing for peace of mind could be considered time well spent, if only from a self-confidence point of view. But you should never have the illusion that it will make a noticeable difference to your scores.

Air Rifle is a little different, since a ten ring of .5mm makes the best possible accuracy far more important. Anything less than a tight slightly oval hole would mean perfect scores are not possible.

Just to further cloud the issue, simply knowing the diameter of the pellet used in the factory to shoot the best group does not mean your gun will always shoot the best group with that diameter. We see just as much variation between pellets of different batches, even if they are sized exactly the same. So you may well have one testing session when a 4.49mm .53 gram pellet may shoot the best. Twelve months later, with different batches, the winner could easily be a 4.50mm in .50 gram. There is no way of knowing in advance.

Our advice? By all means if you can test your gun easily, do so. If you shoot a pistol and have no way of testing it, stick to the factory test diameter and be happy. If you shoot something like an IZH, which comes with no test target, try standard sized good quality pellets and you will have great accuracy. Testing single stroke pneumatics and spring powered guns is very difficult anyway. But try to keep the whole concept in perspective, it's not worth losing any sleep over.

This is a typical factory test group from a match air pistol. Some factories will specify which pellet size was used, as well as brand of pellet.

This is the ten ring of an air pistol target - the inner ring is the x ring. Size is relative to both groups shown.

This is a relatively poor group shot from a rest, using a less-than-ideal pellet size for the pistol. As you can see, every shot would still easily break the x ring.

Typical test group

Ten ring on a 10m air pistol target

A poor test group.

Vogel Sport pellets, available in 4.49 and 4.50mm

Vogel Match Pellets;
Yellow - .50 gram for old single stroke pneumatics and spring powered pistols, available in 4.48, 4.49, 4.50 and 4.51mm
Green - .53 gram for pre-charged pistols and all rifles, available in 4.48, 4.49, 4.495, 4.50, 4.51mm

More Vogel pellet information at: Pilkgun's pellet page


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