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With Winning in Mind
by Lanny Bassham

This is a great book for anyone interested in having a consistent mental performance under pressure. The book will give you an introduction to Mental Management and is packed with techniques for competitors. Learn how performance is a function of three mental processes, how to control the mind under pressure and how to train for competition. Learn the secrets of Olympic Champions in this 162 page book. Over 100,000 copies have been sold. 

Ways of the Rifle

Ways of the Rifle
by Gaby Buhlmann, Heinz Reinkemeier and Maik Eckhardt

Translated from German by Bill Murray. 208 pages of large format soft cover with copious illustrations. Just released this year, covers all positions and features many of the world's top rifle shooters.

Custom Firearms Engraving

Mental training in shooting

by Anne Grethe Jeppeseen

This book is a real asset to any shooters library. Written by a Norway Olympic coach and former top shooter, who also happens to be the wife of Harald Steenvag (one of the world’s top rifle shooters for many many years).

The book gives clear and concise ideas with instruction in the mental arena, taking general ideas from mental success in business and other sports and applying them specifically to the sport of shooting. Ideas and concepts are quoted from numerous sources including some of the American giants in the field like Bill Pullum and Lanny Basshum.

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Air Rifle Shooting
by Heinz Reinkemeier, Gaby Buhlmann, and Maik Eckhardt. With guest contributions from Claudia Kulla and Uwe Linn. Translated by Bill Murray.

204 pages of air rifle shooting information including over 1500 photos, drawings, and graphics. The book is structured according to the current state of coaching science: Fitness, Outer and Inner Position, 3-Positions, Supported Shooting, Movement Sequences, the Air Rifle, Aiming Path Analysis, Practices, Psyche, Training Management, the Coach, and the latest developments and trends in equipment.
Plus exercises, questionnaires, record-keeping and training charts for helping with practical work are included. This book is for beginners, improvers, and masters.

Photographs of top German and international shooters competing at the Olympic Games, World Cups, World and European Championships, Bundesliga and Bundesliga Final, German Championships and the German Seniors Championship are included.

Custom Knife Making

Custom Knife Making
by David Darom and Dennis Greenbaum

One hundred custom knife related projects in the making.


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