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Buck Parson

Buck Adam Parson was a neighbor boy growing up just across the woods from the Pilkington's. In his teenage years he helped Scott cut brush, worked on cars and helped with the carpentry and plumbing as Scott and Rhonda built their house. When Buck graduated from high school in 2000, he went straight to work at Pilkguns learning the trade of gunsmithing from Scott, specializing in Olympic style firearms and air guns.

Buck’s first airplane ride was in the spring of 2001, taking a Boeing 747 to Germany where he continued his education process by taking repair courses at the factories of Feinwerkbau, Walther, and Anschutz.

Since that time Buck has been able to continue his education working with the factory gunsmiths from the above factories as well as Steyr, Pardini and Morini at World Cups held in the USA. In June of 2005 Buck again visited Europe, first going to England to learn diagnosis and repair of Hill Pumps.

Since they were already in the neighborhood, Buck and Scott also visited the
Eley factory, just a short drive down the motorway. Next stop was Austria to visit the Steyr and RIKA factories. After some hard days of intense hands on instruction of learning Steyr assembly details, Buck got to indulge in his favorite stateside hobby, hunting. He went with Steyr Sportwaffen’s chief engineer Karl Egger.
Buck took a nice Roe buck along with learning some of the Germanic hunting traditions.

Next stop was the Munich World Cup, where Buck renewed friendships with various factory gunsmiths and watched over their shoulders to see what else he could learn.  Both Scott and Buck were thrilled to watch Ryan Tanoue win a gold medal and an Olympic Quota slot in the
Men’s Air Rifle event

. Anschutz Certificate of Training

As Pilkington Competition's gunsmith, Buck gets around to many shooting matches to meet the gunsmithing needs of the shooters.

Recently, Buck was at the
2007 National JROTC Air Rifle Championships

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